What our clients are saying

I have purchased two $10M+ hotels from Damian and the Marquee team. Like any high dollar transaction, there were complications. However, the complications were resolved in a professional manner and to my satisfaction. I look forward to purchasing additional hotels from Damian and his team in the future.

Rob , Bozeman, Montana

What a great team!  Thank you for your hard work and dedication making this difficult sale work.  To put something like this together during these times is really unbelievable.  All things considered, the outcome is amazing, and I’m very, very pleased.  So thank you all, I’ve enjoyed working with you and wish you the best.

Dixon Family

Nick and Damian at MG are extremely proficient in foreseeing obstacles before they occur and dealing with them in a hands-on, owner-type fashion. I highly endorse their services and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Bob Gustin , Principal

Damian and Nick were great to work with they make things easy to understand and get the deal done, when buying or selling real estate they make sure that it is a win win situation on both sides. Complicated deals take time and sometimes it feels like we’re not getting anywhere but both of them stayed after it and made it happen for both parties. I felt like they both went definitely above and beyond my needs, they are working with the city and also working with the franchise on the property improvement plan to ensure success. After accomplishing a challenging and a complex business deal, I met two people who are well educated in the hospitality industry that I can call my friends. Whether I acquire or sell any real estate, it’s important to have a common ground which is accountability, honesty, and ethics. I felt we had that energy between all of us.

Bob Amin , Principal

Damian Gordillo gave me absolute confidence and guidance on the property. He was always honest and never sugar coated when issues arose. He has also had what many don’t in this day and age, poise and killer instinct. He not only brokered the deal, but now I am happy to call him a friend.

Ajay Patel

Nick and Damian were both great to work with and kept us constantly updated on all activities related to the sale of the properties we were involved in. The bank and I personally were very happy with the result of working with The Marquee Group. We and our customers were in a sticky situation of selling several struggling properties, and Nick and Damian worked hard to bring legitimate buyers to the table and work with both sides of the transaction. Their efforts were much appreciated.

Aaron Miller , President of Alpine Bank

Realistic expectations were set from the beginning and were met in the end. Damian and Nick are very knowledgeable and always available to discuss issues as they arise.

Dan Zellers